Captain Jack Sparrow Look-A-Like

Celebrity/Costumed Characters
Bay Music and Entertainment performer Jack Sparow.jpg

JEF VALENTINE is an accomplished performer who wears many hats, literally and figuratively. Drawing on a widely varied background as an entertainer, he makes hundreds of personal appearances each year, bringing his unique brand of whimsy to nightclubs, cabarets, trade shows, and parties of every description.

A chameleon nature, knavish sense of humor and attention to every stylish detail have helped him to create a full house of engaging characters and have made him a popular personality on the special events scene.

Valentine’s Captain Jack Sparrow character is the perfect fit for a Streets of San Francisco theme, capturing the rowdy spirit of the infamous “Barbary Coast”. With the discovery of gold, San Francisco became a city molded by adventurers, crooks, misfits, and outcasts, a community comprised of men seeking their fortunes. Celebrate this spirit of The Barbary Coast with the perfect pirate character, Captain Jack Sparrow!

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