Jazz Mafia’s Mobtet

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Jazz Mafia is a large umbrella/collective of various jazz musicians in the SF Bay Area that has many different offshoots of different styles and configurations that makes their live events unique, eclectic, and somewhat unpredictable..Adam Theis is the ‘Godfather’ of the fluid syndicate and his compositions, arrangements, and choice of musicians are all first rate and you can count on hearing something that you weren’t expecting..In a good way

This Mobtet features the hottest emerging talent in multi-instrumental and multi-genre performance in the Bay Area. Not only does the group blend a wide array of musical styles, but they also bring the audience on a musical expedition by creating vastly different sound worlds for each song through the use of various instrumentation and electronic sounds. This approach mixed with high level improvisation and solid songwriting is the MOBtet sound.

Members of the band fulfill numerous roles and play at least two instruments. In any given Mobtet set, you’ll hear trombone, trumpet, saxes, flute, didgereedoo, conch shells, electronics, samplers, bass, synths/organ/keyboards, drums, and vocals.

Adam Theis has led this quartet at numerous festivals around the Bay Area including: KCSM’s Jazz on the Hill, Healdsburg Jazz Festival, and the San Jose Jazz Festival. The band has also opened for sold out club shows including a two night run with Robert Glasper.

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