Chinese Dragon

Chinese Dance
Bay Music and Entertainment performer

The year of the dragon comes around only once every twelve years but you and your guests can experience the good fortune and prosperity of this majestic creature at your next event! The dragon is the perfect entertainment for a product launch, grand opening, or any celebration for it’s ability to bestow good fortune, ensure success, and chase away evil spirits. The vibrant colors, explosion of sound, and mythical powers of the Chinese Dragon will delight and astound audience members. We are pleased to offer our thirty foot long dragons with traditional Chinese dancers just like those featured in the parades through the streets of San Francisco’s Chinatown. The dragon consists of a brightly colored mask head and long poles supported by up to 15-20 skilled and agile dancers. The dancers move to the beat of music, twisting and floating like a snake to honor the dragon’s ancient origins as a river spirit. The dragon’s movement is choreographed to the sound of percussion instruments such as gongs, and cymbals to create a complete feast for the senses!

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