Cigar Rollers

Cigar Rollers
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Cigar rolling is becoming more popular at corporate parties , fundraising events, weddings, golf tournaments, and private parties. Typically, a cigar roller  rolls cigars over a 2 or 3-hour period. This gives time for your guests to experience the art of a cigar rolling.  Typically cigars are rolled and extra pre-rolled cigars are provided.  Our cigar expert explains the details and etiquette of cigar making.

Our cigar maker’s experience comes from our master cigar maker who was born in Cuba and has been rolling cigars for over 45 years.  Our staff is trained to make cigars the old fashioned way with the utmost care and craftsmanship. It has been carried down each generation, preserving the fine art and great quality of a traditional Cuban cigar.

A variety of tobacco leaves are used in the construction of each type of cigar producing various flavors and strengths. Tobacco leaves from the Dominica Republic, Mexico, Nicaragua, Indonesia and Honduras are carefully prepared. Connecticut shade, African, Cameroon and various Maduro leaves are used as wrappers.  Our cigars are entirely handmade using the finest long leaf tobacco from around the world. Our rollers begin by dividing and preparing the variety of leaves, a process called despalillar (des-po-le-yar). The tobacco leaves are carefully blended, rolled and placed in solid Honduran wood molds. The molds are then pressed between 30-minutes to hours depending on the size of the cigar. Each cigar is carefully removed from the molds and delicately wrapped for the finished product.

Filler-  the skillful blending of tobacco leaves which is the inner part of the cigar.

Binder- tobacco leaf that is wrapped around the filler to hold it together to place in the molds.

Wrapper- the most delicate and flavorful tobacco leaf which is the final touch on a cigar.

The cigar rollers can provide enough cigars pre-rolled and rolled onsite for just about any sized event.

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