Daniel Chan

Magician - Acrobatics - Fire Eater
Bay Music and Entertainment performer https://www.baymusic.com/wp-content/uploads/legacy/images/TradeshowMagician07.jpg

When you choose San Francisco Magician Dan Chan, magic is just the beginning…

Dan Chan masters more than most, promises more than expected, and delivers more than hoped. He’s been called “an intense, three-ring circus rolled into one man” and for good reason.

Dan Chan the Magic Man merges several specialties from the world of variety arts into a singular experience. From pure and technical sleight-of-hand to authentic pick pocketing; from world-class juggling to circus stunts; from fire breathing to fire-juggling; from escapes to dog tricks; from acrobatics to quick-change costumes; from bullet catch to climbing into a 6 foot tall balloon and even the rare and ancient Chinese art of Bian Lianwhere colorful masks transform instantly one to the next. Dan Chan creates excitement wherever he performs.

Dan Chan the Magic Man is the ultimate variety show.

His unique combination of talents has made him the only choice for the U.S. Marine Corps in Japan four times and for film legend George Lucas at Skywalker Ranch. He once logged 20 plus shows in one week at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. He’s also performed for 187 billionaires in Sun Valley, Idaho. Google put him in front of 10,000 people at its company picnic. Circus Circus, Circus Chimera, and Cirque Du Soleil put him backstage to entertain their cast.

Where will you put him?

Take your pick: Private parties, TV shows, movies or print media; community festivals or corporate events; public restaurants or private yachts; corporate board rooms or trade-show floors. In your face or on your stage, wherever people crave quality entertainment, across town or across the globe, Dan Chan is your Magic Man. In fact, ask him to bring the whole Chan clan. His wife, Kat, is a juggling, acrobatic, mailbag-escaping, costume changing complement to the Chan show.

For smaller events, Kat is your face-painting and balloon twisting solution. Even their dog, Ace is a vaudevillian at heart, jumping and tumbling his way through the magic.

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