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Bay Music and Entertainment performer Danubius

Danubius brings the beautiful music and dancing of Eastern European and Balkan music to San Francisco Bay Area audiences. The traditional forms of the music are preserved, and at the same time given new life with their arrangements and interpretation.

A Danubius performance combines hard-driving Southern Romanian tunes, Hungarian Gypsy restaurant favorites, Bulgarian dances and Macedonian melodies, juxtaposed to make a tapestry of sound while preserving the character of each distinct musical style.

The members of the group have spent time in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, and studied the forms and styles with master musicians. Their name comes from the river Danube, which winds through and around most of the countries whose music they perform including music from Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia.

Danubius is available for your festive occasions including weddings, birthday parties, company parties, going-away parties, etc.

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