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Bay Music and Entertainment performer LaTiDo

“LaTiDo” is the Spanish word for heart beat. “LaTiDo” is a quartet that specializes in danceable traditional Cuban music styles like “Son,” “Cha-cha-cha,” “Guajira,” “Mambo,” and “Bolero” among others.

The Cuban “Son” is a highly contagious energetic music. It has been delighting dancers all over the world since the thirties, and recently regained popularity in the USA with the “Buena Vista Social Club” movie and recordings.

“LaTiDo’s” music takes us back in time, invites us to dance, and it is equally enjoyed by the more laid back listener. Close intricate vocal harmonies, the rhythm pulse of the Bong√≥ drum and Bass, the unique sound of the traditional Tres Guitar (a three double set string instrument developed in Cuba) the Flute and the lively compositions are surely to please every audience.

“LaTiDo”: Quartet: acoustic bass, flute, hand percussion/bongo and tres guitar (2 double strings guitar). All of the members sing.

Quintet: for a fuller, more authentic salsa sound. Adds a keyboardist

“LaTiDo” is Afro-Caribbean music from the heart.

Client report for July 24,2008 event for Kent, EVERYONE loved it. It was great! This was actually about the first time that we had a band play for us and people here were even dancing. Which was great!! Thanks a lot for your help and Latido is definitely GREAT.

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