Lion Dancers

Chinese Lion Dancing
Bay Music and Entertainment performer

Experience the authentic tradition of Chinese Lion Dancing for your next event! Lion dancers are perfectly suited for any celebration such as a new business opening, product launch, or company celebration. In Hong Kong, new businesses are often christened with the entrance of the lion to symbolize a “new beginning” and to guard the company’s financial resources. During the performance, lucky red money packets are offered to the lion so that the first thing it will see is money and good fortune.

The power and strength of the lion will undoubtedly bring strength, success, and good fortune to those in attendance. The magnificent colors and intricate details of the lion head and the lovely accompaniment of traditional chinese music will intrigue and entertain your audience.

Bay Music & Entertainment’s Lion dancers consist of approximately 7-10 performers and include one or two lions with eyes that light up and blink. The act also features a humorous Buddha character and lively percussionists playing the drums, gongs, and cymbals. The performance is a show stopper and one your guests will never forget!

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