Mariachi Ortega

Bay Music and Entertainment performer

Mariachi Ortega is a group of nine dedicated musicians that perform in the San Francisco bay area. Featuring two trumpets, four violins, one guitar, one guitaron, and one vihuela, the group has a full traditional sound.Mariachi Ortega was originally founded in 1974 with three members. Due to the leadership of Enrique Ortega the group has grown in size and professional ability over the years.

The group is known for its elegant style of boleros and energetic cumbias, rancheras, polkas, and sones. Mariachi Ortega performs for private and public events; such as fund-raisers, weddings, reunions, birthdays, holiday parties, masses, and restaurant events. As a group they have played for the general public, politicians, and celebrities. Some notable jobs have included a Democratic fund raiser hosted by President Clinton in Portola Valley ( May 14th, 1999); a private party at the Francis Ford Coppola residence; and a musical fiesta for San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown.

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