Mr. Bubbles, The Magic Bubble Man

Kids Stuff - Bubble Tricks
Bay Music and Entertainment performer

Bring the magic and fun of bubbles to your next event with Mr. Bubbles, The Magic Bubble Man. Mr. Bubbles can blow some of the largest bubbles you have ever seen. He performs tricks with the bubbles, placing bubbles within larger bubbles and even placing his head in a bubble without popping it!

Mr. Bubbles is fascinating to watch! He requires an 8 by 8 foot breezeless area to perform in (preferably inside). The artist blows huge bubbles through his hands and skillfully places bubbles inside of bubbles, like magic! The bubbles can be clear or in a variety of rainbow/prism colors. Adults and children alike enjoy this unique form of interactive entertainment. The bubble artist will invite guests to participate by blowing bubbles with his magic wand and for a lucky few, he can even include you in one of his bubbles and become a part of his act. This is something you will just have to see to believe!

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