Murder Mystery Dinner Shows

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At a murder mystery event, you and your guests are treated to the “crime of your life.” as they become involved in an interactive series of murders. The clues and details of which are based on real life characters, events, antidotes, and details surrounding your company and or industry. The more details you provide, the better!

The guests are given individual clues, obituaries, news clippings and other tangible items which will assist them in solving all the dastardly deeds as they become sleuths and suspects. In addition, they are treated to a spectacular participatory experience facilitated by a colorful cast of characters performed by professional actors. Because individuals in the audience can become “characters” (both suspects and sleuths), our professional actors, who are highly skilled in interactive theatre, involve your guests from the moment they walk in the door. We will utilize information about your group, which is an immediate hook. In addition, we offer each guest a personal clue and a brief synopsis of the characters and instructions on how to play. Our professional actors and directors facilitate the entire event.

Four to seven actors is just the right number for most groups. This allows the group to familiarize themselves with the actors (suspects!) and not become overwhelmed by characters. In addition, there is a professional event coordinator at each production who works with the caterer, the facility, the actors, and you to insure a successful production.

Our goal is to amaze the audience with special details and unique clues that only your employees are privy to. That is what truly makes a murder mystery event so memorable! The final raison d’√™tre is reinforced with the added excitement and vitality of interactive theatre!

“I wanted to let you know what an outstanding job your actors did at our holiday party….They put on an awesome performance, and we greatly enjoyed every minute! The script was super–blending in Reunion Mortgage perfectly, and all the actors were spectacular! Everyone really enjoyed the performance, and we had a lot of participation. Our President really, really had a great time. Thank you so much for making our party so memorable!”

Dana Tehrani / Reunion Mortgage Inc.

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