Ned Boynton Trio

Jazz - Swing - Guitar
Bay Music and Entertainment performer Ned Boynton Trio

San Francisco Chronicle Music Critic Phil Elwood referred to Ned as a wonderful guitarist.

Ned was the Musical Director for the Enricos Sidewalk Cafe in North Beach and played there every Tuesday evening for over 10 years. He was a featured clinician at The 6th North Wales International Jazz Guitar Summer School in Wrexham, UK, August 2005. Ned taught 80 students over 4 days and played in featured concerts with Bucky Pizzarelli, Anthony Wilson, Gary Potter and others.

Ned is a featured artist at the Smithsonian Jazz Cafe in Washington D.C.

Ned works locally in the Bay Area with his own group featuring sax man Jules Broussard and his Django Reinhardt-inspired trio The Hot Club of North Beach.

Ned has played with Anthony Wilson, John Pisano, Bucky Pizzarelli, Howard Alden, Mundell Lowe, Bruce Forman, Les Paul, The Hot Club of San Francisco, Dan Barrett, Raul Reynoso and many others.

He has been featured as a performer and writer in Just Jazz Guitar and JazzNow! Magazine. His performances have been featured on KCSM Radio, KALW Radio and on channel 53 Musician’s Showcase.

PRESS In the blizzard of record promotion and the barrage of radio coverage it would be easy to overlook guitarist Ned Boynton’s ‘North Beach Sound’, but to do so would be your loss. It’s a fine example of small-group, basically acoustic, jazz, with a repertoire of ballads and bebop, a blues and a bolero. Contributors include the legendary Mundell Lowe and the masterful Bruce Forman. It’s always good to hear Jules Broussard, whose saxophone provides sonic variety; and the interactions between Ned, Jules and bassist Bing Nathan reveal the legacy of their regular gigs in North Beach.
Michael Burman – KCSM-FM jazz Radio (Oct 20, 2006)

Ned Boynton’s North Beach Sound is a favorite at the Smithsonian’s Jazz Cafe and this new album should leave little doubt as to what audiences have found so appealing. The choice of material and excellent small group arrangements are complemented by Ned’s luxurious tone and on-the-mark sense of space and time. With a supporting cast that includes Mundell Lowe and Bruce Forman, Ned Boynton’s North Beach Sound is as engaging as a sunrise over Fisherman’s Wharf.
Randall Kremer – The Smithsonian Institute (Feb 20, 2005)

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