Project: Pimento

60's - Lounge
Bay Music and Entertainment performer Project: Pimento

a San Francisco-based lounge band coming at you live with a potent cocktail of hypnotic sounds from the theremin mixed with swanky lounge tunes from the 40s, 50, and 60s and played in a space-age pop style with hints of jazz, swing and bossa nova sprinkled on top – all for your listening pleasure!

Invented in the early 1920’s, the theremin was the world’s first electronic instrument. While is has been around for over 80 years, the theremin has never been utilized as much as later electronic instruments because it is notoriously difficult to master. Dr. Virus must actually “play” the air around the theremin without actually touching the instrument itself, creating a hypnotic melodic accompaniment to the band’s jazz, lounge and swing standards.

“…like a Vegas lounge scene reenacted on a Martian colony” Angie Edwards, SF Bay Guardian

“…very bizarre and very entertaining.” SF Noise music list

Project: Pimento has appeared at numerous San Francisco venues and was a nominee and performer for the 2002 San Francisco Music Awards. They also were a featured act at the 2003 Tiki Oasis Festival in Palm Springs, California. They have performed on KALX and KFJC radio and they were the subject of a feature story on KRON news.

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