Royal Society Jazz Orchestra Trio & Quartet

Swing - Jazz Classics - Latin Favorites
Bay Music and Entertainment performer Royal Society Jazz Orchestra Trio & Quartet

In addition to the eleven-piece Royal Society Jazz Orchestra, Don Neely also leads three superior small ensembles: the Royal Society Six, the Don Neely Quartet, and the Don Neely Trio. These groups are immensely popular at weddings, private parties, special events, jazz festivals, and public dances throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Each of our ensembles is perfect for dances, for dinner music, and even for cosy events where a warm and intimate atmosphere is desired.

Whatever size ensemble you require, all of our musical groups specialize in entertaining people with smart Broadway classics, popular swing standards, traditional jazz classics, and Latin favorites. From the trio to the sextet, we’ve got what it takes to add a sophisticated and jazzy touch to your party.

Whatever musical styles you prefer, we will help you select the right music to make your party perfect.

From the eleven-piece Royal Society Jazz Orchestra down to the Don Neely Trio, every ensemble provides the highest calibre music.

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