The Keith Show

Juggling - Comedy
Bay Music and Entertainment performer

Since being inspired by a magic set at age nine, Keith, of the Keith Show, has had an interest in learning cool tricks and funny stunts. A few years later, after learning to juggle, he added useless skills to his repertoire. In 1982, at the age of 15, he was first paid to perform for a birthday party. People were delighted. Keith was amazed, thinking, “My skills now have a purpose!”

Keith began street performing at Philadelphia’s Newmarket while still in high school. He performed with a partner as a member of the Give and Take Jugglers at a wide array of malls, colleges, and high schools, while continuing to perform solo at parties. He continued to squeeze a few street performances in at Harvard Square while studying theater at Emerson College in Boston.

After honing his chops with two to three performances every night for four months at the famous Key West sunset celebration, Keith moved west. Based in San Francisco since 1990, he has continued to sharpen his skills by performing from street to stage. Keith has had the opportunity to study with some of the world’s top performers by attending workshops and seminars in juggling, circus related skills, movement, comedy writing, and overall performance. Even with twenty years experience in engaging audiences, The Keith Show is an ongoing work and is constantly improving.

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