The Spazmatics

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So why is the Hollywood nightclub packed with screaming babes and dudes so hot they look like Abercrombie & Fitch cover boys?…………

Because the Spazmatics are in the house. The ’80s cover band is the hottest thing to hit Hollywood since Ace Ventura rolled up in a tweaked-out Monte Carlo. For two months, the Sunday night scene at Dragonfly, one of Hollywood’s classic-rock haunts, has been building word of mouth. And when something’s this hot, word travels fast. In a town that prides itself on hipster chic, the Spazmatics trot on stage sporting New Balance tennies and so-snug perma-knit pants. But the moment they begin their set, it’s revenge of the nerds and then some. The Spazmatics go way beyond kitsch as they blaze into memorable early-’80s tunes by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Wham!, Billy Idol and Adam Ant. By the time they’re working the Depeche Mode medley, you just can’t get enough.

Despite their chess-club attire, the Spazmatics rock!

The Spazmatics are available to rock any private party throughout Southern or Northern California, whether you’re entertaining a crowd of techno heads, star trek fan club members (of whom the Spazmatics are devoted members) or wedding guests. They are sure to make you shake those plaid clad hips!!!

“It’s an ’80s thing. Hot and ultra-geeky, the Spazmatics have Sundays covered at Dragonfly.” Heidi Siegmund Cuda, Special to The Times (La Times 2003)

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