Traditional Chinese Instrumental Trio

Asian Entertainment
Bay Music and Entertainment performer

Like the music of ancient Greece, Chinese music is believed to have cosmological and ethical connotations. The success of a dynasty was attributed to its inability to find the proper “huang chung”, or tone of absolute pitch.

Celebrate your success and good fortune while setting the “tone” for your event with the unique sounds of a Chinese instrumental trio. The trio is a delight for the senses that will transport you and your guests to China’s lively, colorful and bustling marketplaces and city centers. The graceful sounds of the trio consist of: A two string upright fiddle (Er-Hu), butterfly harp (Yang Chin), and a bamboo flute (Xiao).

Client Feedback: ”They were wonderful (duo). I would request them again for our next event. Thank you so much for making this easy and accommodating me on such short notice. I greatly appreciate it. “Jeanine Spencer Ritz-Carlton Club and Residences

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