World - Jazz - Electronica
Bay Music and Entertainment performer Venusians

The Venusians live ensemble creates entrancing melodies, rhythms, and beats playing a remarkable array of electronic and acoustic Instruments in a manner that integrates hip soundtrack, jazz and world sounds into a style that defies categorization and is nothing less that magic.

They are the innovators of the “live soundtrack” and play venues that range from museums and theaters to convention centers and stadiums, performing for some of the most high profile events in the Bay Area and beyond.

?The band appears in several configurations, from a duo to 6 pieces, made up of musicians who have worked with the band for many years.

Most of the players are multi-instrumentalists, and the instrumentation ranges from the exotic to the familiar, including Electronic Valve Instrument, Hang Drum, African Harp (Kora), Pedal Steel Guitar, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards and Percussion. Fabulous rhythms are also accessed via laptop and other forms of cutting edge technology.

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